Designing and Project Management
How to plan for your ideal integrated home project.
Here at DC Connections, LLC. cannot express enough when it comes to the designing phase.  Planning and designing the wiring layout is the most critical.  We can recommend and provide bulk wiring so the electrician or low volt tech do not have stock them.  The final decisions on the electronics and speakers can be determined at a later time.  In some circumstances you may have special applications like automated lifts and or LED lighting in cabinets and staircases.  In these cases certain measures are taken prior for final installation.  In addition, future proof as much as possible for the rough-in and adding conduit in key areas of your home.  DC Connections, LLC. will provide you guidance and manage your project so we can relieve some stress that comes with these types of projects. We are able to provide designing & consultation within the United States through a remote process and welcome the opportunity to work with you.
Lighting and Design
Your home is your domain; a sanctuary.  The temperature of the areas inside your home compliments the ambiance.  The lighting compliments tranquility that carries the mood throughout your day.  Creating the appropriate lighting allow each area in your home to have a unique emotion. Setting the tone from accent to task lighting.  Ambient to landscape lighting.  Each layer has a specific duty that brings the environment to life.
Home Theater
Being enveloped into the sound field and immersed with picture detail is the ultimate goal when building a Home Theater. Every detail and aspect of the content must be exactly how it was intended as produced in the studios. Whether we retrofit your favorite theme into an existing living space or custom built from the ground up, from the carpet to paint, from leather seating to window shades. Your Home Theater is one of the most welcoming and entertaining area of your home. The level of enjoyment and memories your family will have is priceless. The whole system can be controlled by a single remote, wall keypad or smart device. We can even shake-n-rattle your seats-literally!
Automation has reached a new era. How and what we control is limitless. Creating scenes in your living space is no longer selective. Technology advancements has brought wireless communications that allow control and two-way communications with motorized window shades, lighting, home security, thermostat, irrigation, door locks, security cameras, power products and yes, even your garage doors. We want our clients to have the ease of use and control of their automated system as if they were using a typical app on their smart devices. The seamless integration blending into your lifestyle- the true essence of automation.
Whole House Audio
Background music is not what it used to be. Since inception of streaming content, sharing and controlling from smart devices is the norm. The ability to see metadata, cover art, two way communication, volume control, available sources, and most of all; multiple zones can be controlled simultaneously. Having music all around for a party, family gathering, or simply doing house chores; can set the mood and ambiance. Streaming popular sources like Pandora, internet radio, Spotify, iHeart radio, Sirius/XM, your music library all can be controlled by an IOS or Android smart device-literally hundreds of thousands of streaming content at your command.
We offer keypad controls, full app control or we can integrate into a fully automated control infrastructure.
Beautified Sound & Picture 
Taking artwork and bare TV’s on our walls to a whole new dimension. The love/hate feelings towards flat panel TV’s in their stand-by mode and on-wall speakers in their fixed poses can truly be a concern for most spouses and your interior designer. We at DC Connections, LLC can fully blend these electronics into your living environments and make the best look and feel no matter what state the electronics are in. The custom automated canvas can be controlled with a universal control infrastructure.  We also have select frame styles and colors for you to choose from.  Our specific manufactures have an abundance of current and on going artwork from photographers all over the globe to select from.  Or we can use a personal interest of your own.  In addition, we can integrate sound…whether the speaker(s) live inside the custom frame or outside either side of the frame completely out of sight; literally painted and mudded over.  Even wallpapered over.  We have solutions that will compliment your personal touch.
Entertaining Outdoors
“Entertaining Outdoors”, exactly what it means. Watching your favorite TV content or listening to your favorite playlist does not have to stay indoors-bring it out! Whether you are outside gardening, cooking on the grill or swimming in the pool; having the ability to watch a sports game or simply rocking out can be a huge enjoyment. We offer various TV sizes that are built tough to withstand mother-nature. Along with speakers that can rumble the ground you walk on. Do you have a pond? Water features? We can stream audio that simply flows. Allowing to transition your environment to outdoors while maintaining your mood.
ISF Video & Audio Calibration
If you haven’t done anything to your TV, a calibrator’s first job is usually ensuring the TV is set up correctly. This can include checking you have the right cables connected, that sources are outputting the correct resolution, and so on. Only a trained ISF calibrator, using a reference level Color Meter and Test Pattern Generator, goes through all the TV’s settings to make sure it looks its best. This includes correctly setting the Grey scale, Contrast, Brightness and other controls to make sure the TV is as bright as it should be for your viewing environment, and has the best black level possible without obscuring shadow detail.
Window Shades
Bringing technology into personal lives has been an ongoing journey to us for over a decade. Legrand Shading & Lutron Shading System has not only brought elegance to our clients home and commercial environments, but made their home theater automation system look and feel that much more pleasant. Whether you are looking for manual shades, app controlled or automated respective environments. We also offer blackout shades and a motorized drapery track for home theaters. We are proud and honored to offer Legrand Shading & Lutron Shading products to our clients. Please feel free to contact us directly to schedule an in home demonstration. Technology is our lifestyle.
Eyes on your property
Having the ability to see your 
property, kids and loved ones in real time is a sense of security that cannot be compromised. In addition to having an app to view at will.  We offer a wide range of form factors and features for security cameras.  From fisheye that see 360 degrees to concentrated focused areas.  Pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ) to must see at night with “Dark Fighter” cameras.
We even have explosion proof cameras with select certifications.
Evolved Home Security
There’s no substitute for knowing that your home and loved ones are safe and protected. Evolved Home, a 5-star rated Portland-based security company prides itself in offering the latest and best in modern home security alarms. Using proven wireless technology like Zigbee, Zwave and RF.  We are constantly looking out for the best technology in the security industry, we offer each customer a customized security system for their unique needs. Our home security alarm systems also integrate with Home Automation Platforms make adding features easy – giving you the ability to control your lights, thermostat, locks, garage doors, video cameras and even monitor the energy usage of your home in real time. Truly know and control what is happening at your home or business anytime, day or night. That’s Security for the Modern World.
Traditional Services
• Network Infrastructure
• Privacy Smart Glass
• Motorized Lifts & Transitions
• Cellular Signal Booster
• Site Survey/On Site Consultation

• Acoustic Environment Solutions
• Sales and Design
• Mount TV’s
• Troubleshoot A/V Electronics
• Qualify Network Cables